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One of our core values is great respect for Mother Nature and an awareness of our responsibility to sustain this one and only planet.

Our journey to find the most sustainable yet efficient materials has been a great challenge. Our methods are not perfect, but we are confident with what we have managed to achieve so far. Not only are we cautious about our choices of fabrics and materials, but we will offer all of our customers the opportunity to participate in the circular economy by overseeing the resale of your used ABODE OF SNOW clothing. For more information or to make arrangements, please contact us at

Since we practice veganism, it was a serious question whether to use animal products such as goose down and wool. There are many alternatives out there today, however we recognize that animal products can often offer more sustainable materials for our environment, if produced ethically.

As our conclusion, we have chosen to work with Tibetan yak and recycled down feathers from the Green Down Project.

Tibetan yaks shed the hair around their bellies every summer naturally. Down feathers can last up to a hundred years, if properly handled. By using down feathers that have already been plucked and produced, we can prevent harm to more geese and use existing resources appropriately. 

Green Down Projects helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions and animal cruelty by collaborating with companies who share the same values, to aim for a clean and safe alternative to virgin down.